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Beach Safety Tips for Kids

The beach can be a wonderful place for children—it encourages activity in the forms of swimming and playing, fosters creativity in children who build sandcastles, and allows kids to interact with nature. However, there are some dangers that parents should always be aware of when visiting the beach with their children. Take a look at the following safety tips so you can be well prepared for your next trip to the beach with your kids.

Apply Sunblock

While some sun exposure is necessary for good health, it's easy to get too much sun at the beach, and this is especially true for children. Before you head out to relax on the sand, ensure that you thoroughly apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 to any areas of your children's bodies that will be exposed to the sun. Ensure that the sunscreen you use protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Keep your kids protected under the shade of an umbrella between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun's rays are the strongest.

Keep a Watchful Eye

Even if your children are strong swimmers, it is essential that an adult guardian be present and alert at all times during family trips to the beach. If there are several adults in your group, choose one person to be vigilant about watching the kids as they play and swim for a set period of time, and be sure to alternate the role. Make sure children never swim in the ocean alone, and instruct them to swim parallel to the shore, rather than directly towards it, if they feel themselves caught in a rip tide.

Ensure Hydration

It is very easy for children to become dehydrated or overheated, so practice sun safety and make hydration a priority at the beach. Make sure you bring plenty of water with you during each beach excursion, and instruct your children to take drinks of water throughout the day. Be sure to also pack a few non-perishable snacks to restore electrolytes lost through sweat and keep kids' hunger satisfied.

If you're ready to plan a beach vacation, give Williamson Realty Vacations a call at (888) 692-0560. Our Ocean Isle Beach vacation rentals can provide the perfect base for your family's next trip to North Carolina. When you call, be sure to ask about our last minute deals on vacation rentals.

Simple Tips for Planning a Family Reunion at the Beach

Family reunions offer a great chance to catch up with relatives and meet new family members. However, an important aspect of planning a great family reunion is selecting the right location. The place where you hold your reunion should be fun and accessible for everyone in your family—which is why a vacation to the beach is a perfect option. Here are a few tips to help you plan your next family reunion at your favorite beach.

Determine Who Will Attend

Creating the guest list for a family reunion can be a difficult task, as you need to determine whether you want to invite only immediate family members or if you'd like to include more distant relatives. After you have decided which family members you will invite, ask everyone to RSVP as soon as possible. Once you have a headcount for the reunion, you'll be able to start looking for the perfect vacation rentals to accommodate everyone.

Find the Right Beach

You should already know which general area you will be visiting for your family reunion before you send the invitations, but you can select the perfect beach once you have a rough estimate of the number of people who will be attending. If your family reunion will be held in North Carolina, considering visiting Ocean Isle Beach—this island offers beautiful beaches and plenty of vacation rental options for you and your family to enjoy.

Gather Supplies

Once you have confirmed the guest list and made vacation rental reservations for your family members, it's time to start gathering the supplies you'll need for the reunion. Determine which meals you will be eating out and which you will be serving up at your vacation rental, and make a grocery list. You may want to consider putting together small care packages for each of your relatives that includes a small bottle of sunblock, SPF lip balm, and an inexpensive pair of sunglasses so that everyone is ready to safely enjoy their time at the beach. Be sure to also create a list of items each family member will need to bring to the vacation home, as some things, such as sheets and toiletries, may not be provided.

Let Williamson Realty help you find the right vacation rental for your next family reunion. Our Ocean Isle Beach vacation rentals are perfect for families looking to reunite and enjoy each other's company in a beautiful location. Call (888) 692-0560 to find out more about our vacation rentals and last minute deals.

Experience the Small Town Flavor of Ocean Isle Beach

Ocean Isle Beach - Williamson Realty Vacations

Are you looking for a beautiful destination that offers small town charm for your next family vacation? If so, look no further than Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina. In addition to offering gorgeous beaches and plenty of natural beauty, Ocean Isle Beach provides a charming atmosphere that everyone in your family will love.

When you visit Ocean Isle Beach, you’ll find a number of local restaurants, coffee shops, and even an ice cream parlor and candy shop that adults and kids alike will love. This small town and the surrounding areas also host a number of events throughout the year. Some of these local events include a Valentine’s bonfire, an entertaining and educational living history program, and a wine and music festival. One event that you should mark on your calendar is the North Carolina Oyster Festival, which is held right on the island of Ocean Isle Beach.

Although it is a small town, Ocean Isle Beach has a lot to offer—including many beautiful vacation rentals. If you’re interested in renting a home for your next trip to Ocean Isle Beach, call Williamson Realty Vacations at (888) 692-0560 today.

How to Get Your Fresh Catch Ready for Dinner

Few things are more satisfying than cooking up your own fresh meal that you caught yourself. But what if you’ve never prepared a fresh fish for cooking before? Don’t worry—it’s not that difficult. Just watch this video to learn how.

As you’ll see, cleaning a fish is simply a matter of removing all of the inedible parts. Some fish, like the one in the video, have scales that must be removed. Others do not, but you will probably want to remove the skin on those. That’s a topic for another day, though.

At Ocean Isle Beach, you can get some great deep-sea fishing in and provide your own home-cooked seafood dinner from your vacation rental. Contact us at Williamson Realty Vacations and let us hook you up with the best last minute deals, discount vacation rentals, and other wonderful Ocean Isle accommodations. Call (888) 692-0560 for more information.

Explore the History of the South Brunswick Islands at These Museums

While Ocean Isle Beach is a beautiful and popular South Brunswick Islands destination, there’s so much more to discover than just the seashore. South Brunswick Islands are steeped with rich heritage and history, and much of that can be discovered simply by visiting a few area museums.

Heading back home

Once you have your vacation rental squared away and begin planning your itinerary, be sure you leave enough room on there to visit at least one of the following:

Museum of Costal Carolina—This will be an easy stop to make if you’ve chosen an Ocean Isle vacation rental, since it’s right there on the island. This museum is dedicated to the natural history of the area, as well as the indigenous wildlife you may see during your stay. Rates are affordable, so you can take the whole family. The close proximity to the beach and pier makes it an ideal stop during one of your beach days.

Battleship North Carolina—There is just something inherently fascinating about stepping on a massive battleship. Battleship North Carolina is anchored at the mainland and was an incredibly crucial and active member of the WWII Pacific naval fleet. While you could complete a brief tour in just a couple of hours, you really owe it to yourself to allow an entire day to explore the decks of this wartime icon.

Old Baldy Lighthouse and Smith Island Museum of History—Where would the world be were it not for the invention of lighthouses? Visit the Old Baldy lighthouse and Smith Island Museum of History for a rich experience dating back nearly two centuries. After you make your journey to the top for a view like none other, be sure to explore the museum to learn all about the job and life of a lighthouse keeper, as well as the significance of the location during the Civil War.

Whatever you decide to do when you visit South Brunswick, you’ll need a vacation rental. At Williamson Realty Vacations, we can help you find the right rental and deal for you. Just call (888) 692-0560 for more information.

How to Shuck an Oyster

Oysters are one of Ocean Isle’s most beloved seafood treasures, but they can be tricky to get into. Shucking a mess of oysters doesn’t have to be an overly time consuming, frustrating, or dangerous task.

shucking of oyster

Just pick out a good spot behind your vacation rental and follow these instructions:

Rinse your oysters thoroughly with cold water, then don some hand protection such as a glove or towel. Gently manipulate your oyster knife between the shells on the hinged side and give it a good twist when you feel it insert freely. Cut the ligament, discard the top, and pop the oyster in its bottom shell on ice. Simple!

If you’re ready to get away to Ocean Isle beach, contact us at Williamson Realty Vacations and let us help you find the perfect vacation rental for your itinerary. Visit our website or call (888) 692-0560 to learn more today!

Tips for Taking Your Dog on Your Next Beach Vacation

Most dogs love the beach and most dog owners love having their furry friend there with them. Whether you’re making a day out of it on the west coast or spending the entire week on an eastside option like Ocean Isle beach in a vacation rental, doing the doggie tagalong successfully takes just a bit of planning.

beautiful  girls embracing her dog

Here are a few tips:

Scope out dog-friendly accommodations. Your beach vacation isn’t going to be much fun for you or your pet if you discover too late that your vacation rental doesn’t allow pets. Avoid a lot of stress and frustration by making triple sure that the location you’ve chosen not only tolerates animals, but sincerely welcomes them.

Make a good, honest assessment of your dog’s temperament. While most dogs do enjoy beach time, not every dog enjoys it for the same reasons. Some love to socialize with other people but not other dogs. Some like to chase and bark at everything that moves…including other beach goers. Some are relatively laid back and just enjoy the fresh air and change of scenery. Some are not comfortable with new environments and need time to adjust.

Decide which type of personality and temperament your dog has, and then try to make plans that complement that nature rather than attempting to force your dog to behave in an unnatural way. If your dog is anti-social or needs time to take it all in, try visiting the beach outside of peak hours.

Commit to the experience. When you bring your dog along, your dog should be with you at all times. Understand that there may be some things that you’d like to do that you won’t be able to do with your pet. If you’re not ok with missing out on some things so that your dog doesn’t have to be left alone, then it’s probably a good idea to hire a pet sitter while you’re away.

At Williamson Realty Vacations, we are experts at finding you the Ocean Isle beach rental that fits your travel needs perfectly. From discount vacation rentals to last minute deals, let us help you plan your Ocean Isle experience. Call (888) 692-0560 for more information.

Spending Your Winter in Ocean Isle Beach [INFOGRAPHIC]

When some people think about getting away from it all by taking a vacation, they immediately think of doing it during the summer. While taking a summer vacation can be relaxing, it can also be stressful since that is typically the busiest time of year in many destinations. This year, instead of fighting with the crowds, consider taking your vacation during the winter. Ocean Isle Beach is the perfect winter vacation destination, whether you’re taking your honeymoon, celebrating the holidays with friends and family, or going on a getaway to mark your anniversary. You can find discount vacation rentals to make your winter getaway even more affordable, plus plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained if you’re bringing the kids. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about spending your winter in Ocean Isle Beach. Please share with your friends and family, and start planning your trip today!


Tips for Flounder Fishing on the North Carolina Coast

The North Carolina coast is the perfect place to fish for flounder. Take some time away from your vacation rental to try your hand at fishing for this unique and delicious fish.

You can fish for flounder throughout the year. They usually lie on the bottom and blend in to find food, so you want to move around to try to catch one. Sometimes flounder leave tracks on the ocean floor, which helps you locate them. Live baitfish works well to catch this kind of fish. Check out this video to learn more about fishing for flounder on your next beach vacation.

Whether you want to enjoy some fishing or turtle watching, Williamson Realty can help you find the perfect vacation rental on Ocean Isle Beach. This North Carolina vacation spot has plenty of outdoor activities for everyone in your family. Call (888) 692-0560 to learn more.

Ocean Isle Beach Road Trip: FootGolf in Calabash

Just because you plan a beach vacation does not mean you have to stay at the beach every day. Leave your vacation rental early one morning and take a road trip to Calabash to enjoy the fun, unique sport of FootGolf.

Eighteenth Hole

A Mix Between Soccer and Golf

Head over to Medowlands Golf Club for your first experience with this interesting game that combines soccer and golf. Each player has to kick a soccer ball from a tee in to a large hole to get a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. You can choose to use a golf cart or just walk the course, but you can only have four players at each hole. Most teams finish 18 holes in about two hours.

Golf Attire

Even though FootGolf draws on soccer and golf, players must still wear traditional golf attire as they move through the course. Players should wear collared shirts and golf pants. If you enter a tournament, you will probably be required to wear argyle knee-high socks. You are not allowed to wear golf shoes with spikes or soccer cleats, however, so be sure to wear normal closed-toed shoes when you play.

A Family Sport

Since FootGolf combines two sports, it is appealing to a wider range of people than just soccer or golf on its own. This means that it is the perfect family activity to enjoy during your next beach vacation. If you need a day away from the sun and the surf, schedule a road trip to Calabash and try your luck at this fun and creative game.

Turn to Williamson Realty for help finding your perfect vacation rental on Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina. We offer discount vacation rentals and last-minute deals that help you find a place to stay that works with your budget. To learn more about our vacancies or to start planning your next vacation, visit us online or call (888) 692-0560.

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