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Planning a Holiday Beach Getaway

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There’s no place like home for the holidays, but is there someplace even better? Many families choose to look into vacation rentals and enjoy their holidays by soaking up the sun on warm and sandy beaches. Keep reading for a few tips on planning a holiday beach getaway.

Escape the Cold
If you live in a colder region and would like to experience the holiday season without being bombarded by snow and icy roads, consider taking a trip to a warmer location. Even if you think it might not “feel” like the holidays if you are not at home, you will quickly change your mind once you find yourself sitting on the beach. Consider choosing a sunny spot like a beachfront vacation rental in Ocean Isle Beach, NC for the holidays and make your snow angels in the sand.

Pack Smart
When you go on your first holiday beach getaway, the contents of your suitcase might be quite a bit different from previous December trips. First and foremost, it is important to pack a bathing suit. If the beach is your destination, you will need to come prepared. You should also bring towels, goggles, and appropriate swimming aids for the kids in the family. Stock up on sunblock, sunglasses, and hair ties to stay as comfortable as possible. Depending on how your family likes to spend time at the beach, you might want to bring a book or a magazine for some light reading during your downtime.

Enjoy Cheaper Rates
Although traveling on Christmas or New Year’s might be expensive, you can plan a holiday vacation without draining your bank account. Try to book a vacation for earlier in December, and don’t wait until the last minute to do so. You can find cheaper flight tickets and discount vacation rentals this way.

Are you planning a holiday beach getaway? Contact Williamson Realty Vacations or visit our website. We specialize in vacation rentals in Ocean Isle Beach, NC and are happy to offer beachfront properties and vacation deals. Please feel free to call us at (800) 727-9222 if you would like more information.

Tips for Baiting Your Fish Hook

During your next vacation to Ocean Isle Beach, you’ll have a variety of activities you can participate in to make the most of your time. Go golfing one day, turtle watching the next, and try your hand at fishing before you bid farewell to your oceanfront rental.

This video shows how to bait a fish hook. You can use artificial or live bait when you go fishing in Ocean Isle Beach. In either case, the tip of the hook should go through the mouth of the bait and be threaded through the body. The artificial bait’s mouth should end up at the eye of the hook. If you are using live bait, the process begins the same way. As the hook exits the gills, rotate it so that it passes through the stomach. This will give the bait a more natural look, increasing your chances of catching a prizewinning fish for the dinner table and your photo album.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your next vacation to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. Contact Williamson Realty Vacations at (800) 727-9222 to make your reservation for an oceanfront rental home today. You can also visit our website to learn more about our rentals.

What to Eat During Your Ocean Isle Beach Vacation

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It’s hard to choose a favorite part of your vacation when you can go golfing, turtle watching, swimming, and so much more in Ocean Isle Beach. With so many activities to do, you’re sure to work up an appetite before you head back to your vacation rental. Luckily, Ocean Isle Beach is home to an array of delicious food and charming restaurants so you can rest assured that you won’t leave your beachfront vacation hungry. You might even find yourself stuffed to the gills when you get a taste of the fresh seafood available here. Keep reading to learn what you can eat during your Ocean Isle Beach vacation.

If you are a seafood lover, Ocean Isle Beach is the perfect vacation spot for you. You can try your hand at fishing in the waters here on your own or with a guided excursion. Some people prefer the catch to be caught and prepared by someone else, which is easy to do in Ocean Isle Beach. Seafood is a prominent item on menus at many restaurants here, including The Isles Restaurant. If you’re looking for a more relaxed setting, give Sharky’s Waterfront Restaurant a try. You’ll find appetizers featuring fresh, local seafood, as well as pizza, sandwiches, and daily specials that highlight the catch of the day.

After a long day in the sun at the beach, you may sometimes just want to sink your teeth into a juicy burger or get your hands on some hot wings. You can do this and more at the Thirsti Tiki Bar & Restaurant, located on East 1 st Street in Ocean Isle Beach. In addition to burgers, sandwiches, and wraps, you’ll also find healthy salads and other options if you want to dine on the lighter side. Don’t forget to check out the frozen tropical drinks, which will be a perfect complement to your meal at the Thirsti Tiki.

Bring your sunscreen, a good beach book, and your appetite to your next beachfront vacation in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. Give Williamson Realty Vacations a call at (800) 727-9222 to make your reservations for an oceanfront vacation rental house that will serve as your home away from home. With 286 rentals, we can help you find the one that’s perfect for you.

The Beginner's Guide to Shucking an Oyster

how to shuck an oyster ocean isle beach

When you want to make your oceanfront vacation even more of an authentic experience, head to your local seafood purveyor to pick up some fresh oysters. Oysters are a delicacy often eaten raw right out of the shell, with a few choice condiments—you can even prepare them in the kitchen of your beachfront rental. Shucking oysters can be challenging if you’ve never done it before, so make sure you have the right equipment. You can get oyster shucking gloves to protect your hands from the sharp shells, or use a kitchen towel to help you get a grip. Hold the oyster with the cupped side down so that the oyster and the liquid don’t escape as you’re shucking. A small, sharp knife is ideal for inserting between the two shells. Work the knife along the bottom edge of the top shell and pop the shells open to reveal the oyster inside. Once the oysters are open, place them on ice so they stay fresh as you get ready to serve them.

Try your hand at oyster shucking during your next vacation to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. Call Williamson Realty Vacations at (800) 727-9222 to inquire about availability in our top-notch vacation rental homes. We can help you make your upcoming vacation one you’ll never forget.

A Look at Ocean Isle's Beach Nourishment Program

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You work hard all year long, and deserve to take some time off with your family for a vacation. Instead of spending your time in another hotel, look for a beachfront rental where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the sun and the sea. Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina offers fun for the whole family, whether you want to go turtle watching, swim, play in the sand, eat fresh seafood, or all of the above! Beaches are naturally prone to erosion, which is why Ocean Isle Beach is one of four local communities that are part of a beach nourishment program. Keep reading to learn more about this program.

Why It Is Necessary
Beaches are naturally beautiful, but their very nature means that they are subject to being battered by the wind and the waves. Erosion can eventually damage beaches to the point where they can no longer be enjoyed by residents and vacationers alike. Storms, damming, jetties, and seawalls all play their part in eroding some of the most picturesque beachfront areas. Since Ocean Isle Beach is a small place with a tightknit community centered around the beach itself, the preservation of the beach is essential for residents and visitors who come to enjoy its unique qualities.

What It Entails
Beach nourishment projects are typically funded by both the federal government as well as state and local money. The town of Ocean Isle Beach raised over half a million dollars to purchase sand and equipment to restore the beach, starting with the eastern end. This will help preserve the life of the beach and make it a great place for vacation rentals for at least the next five years. Ocean Isle Beach was named as the Best Restored Beach of 2008 by the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association, and the efforts will continue to keep Ocean Isle Beach a great place to live and visit.

To experience the beauty of Ocean Isle Beach for yourself, call Williamson Realty Vacations at (800) 727-9222. We are the area’s top choice for the best vacation rentals in Ocean Isle Beach, so make us your next destination. Don’t forget to inquire about our last minute deals when you can’t wait to get away.

Taking Your Baby on a Beach Vacation

If you’re embarking on your first beach vacation as a family with a new baby, you’ll need to a little extra planning. With the right preparation, you and your family will enjoy a truly memorable beachfront vacation.

Watch this video for some great advice on how to plan a beachfront vacation when you have a little one. Kelsey Nixon documents her first beach vacation with her young baby, and discusses the best sunscreen, beach gear, and beachfront location to keep your baby comfortable.

At Williamson Realty Vacations, we’ll help you plan an amazing family beachfront vacation near Ocean Isle Beach. Our vacation rental experts can find last minute deals on a luxurious vacation rental conveniently located right on the beach. For help planning your family beach vacation, call us today at (800) 727-9222.

How to Improve Your Golf Swing

Beachfront Rentals Ocean Isle BeachGoing on a beachfront vacation with your family means enjoying gorgeous beaches, delicious seafood, and relaxing activities, like turtle watching and golfing. If you plan on golfing during your beachfront vacation, check out these tips on how to improve your golf swing before you leave for your vacation rental.

Maintain Proper Grip on the Club
For the best golf swing, you should use a neutral hand position when you hold your club, with your non-dominant hand on top, and your dominant hand directly below. A proper grip increases the power of the club’s impact on the ball. Take some time to experiment with the three basic golf grips – vardon, interlocking, and ten-finger – to determine which works best for you.

Adopt a Powerful Stance
Your stance is as important as your swing in golfing. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, and you should be resting on the balls of your feet. Your knees should be slightly flexed, and when you bend at the hips, your back should remain straight. Hold your club securely, but try to remain loose and relaxed. The right grip and stance can set you up for the perfect golf swing, as it helps you maintain your balance and direct the ball where you want it.

Take a Solid Swing
When golfing, there are many different types of swings you can take depending upon the location of the golf ball relative to the hole. In a basic golf backswing, you shoulders should naturally pivot towards your spine, and your weight should shift to your back foot. In your downswing, fluidly move your arms toward the ball while smoothly shifting your weight to your front foot.

If you’re interested in golfing on your next beach vacation near Ocean Isle Beach, NC, get in touch with us at Williamson Realty Vacations. Our staff can help you plan the perfect vacation rental, and will look for last minute deals at one of the many golf courses near our beaches. For more information about planning your golfing vacation, call us today at (800) 727-9222.

Golfing Near Ocean Isle Beach

ocean isle beach golfing

Going on a beach vacation on Ocean Isle Beach will provide you with many opportunities for great golfing. The beachfront vacation rentals near Ocean Isle Beach are located within just minutes of at least 20 fantastic golf courses. Ocean Isle’s premiere golf course, Tiger’s Eye, has won two awards from Golf Digest magazine, and the course will appeal to any golfing enthusiast.

Oyster Bay Golf Links, one of the most popular golf courses in the area, is only about six miles away from Ocean Isle Beach’s gorgeous vacation rentals. For families that just want to fit a quick round of golf into their busy beach vacation schedule, the Thistle Golf Club offers three different 9-hole courses. It will be easy to get your golfing fix, and still have time to enjoy delicious seafood near one of our beautiful beaches.

For more information on golfing near Ocean Isle Beach, NC, contact us at Williamson Realty Vacations. We can arrange for your family to stay in a luxurious beachfront vacation rental, and give you directions to one of the many golf courses nearby. To arrange for golfing on your beach vacation, call us today at (800) 727-9222.

Top Tips for Choosing a Vacation Rental

Vacation Rentals Ocean Isle Beach

When planning a relaxing beach vacation, you should investigate the available beachfront rentals in the area. A beautiful beachfront vacation rental will make your trip even more memorable. Here are some great tips for choosing the best beachfront property to meet your vacation rental needs.

Speak With the Owner of the Beachfront Property Personally
If you live out of town, you’re committing to a vacation rental that you won’t see in person until you’ve paid a deposit and arrived in your vacation town. This is why it’s crucial to speak with the owner or property manager of the beachfront property personally. Ask the owner exactly what amenities are included with your vacation rental, and what rules and restrictions you’ll need to follow when renting the beachfront property. Confirm this information with the owner or manager in writing via email.

Read Online Reviews for the Vacation Rental
The best way to gauge whether or not a vacation rental is worth your money is by reading online reviews. The prior renters of the beachfront condo, house, or apartment will give you inside information about the décor, amenities, and level of comfort offered by the vacation rental. Online reviews of vacation rentals are very likely to provide valuable information that may sway your decision in one direction or another.

Determine How Far the Beachfront Rental is From Attractions
If you’re not familiar with the area in which you’ll be vacationing, it’s important that you determine exactly how far away the beachfront vacation rental is from attractions you’ll want to visit on your vacation. It stands to reason that any vacation rental that is advertised as a beachfront rental should actually be on the beach, but this is something that you should confirm nonetheless.

If you’re searching for the perfect vacation rental near Ocean Isle Beach, NC, come see what we have to offer at Williamson Realty Vacations. Our talented vacation rental experts can help you find discount vacation rentals and last minute deals on beautiful beachfront condos. For more information, call us today at (800) 727-9222.

Skin Care Tips for Your Beach Vacation

A beachfront vacation can be fun for the whole family, but the sun exposure, saltwater, and ocean air can wreak havoc on your hair and skin. Before heading to your vacation rental, you can do a bit of vacation prep for your skin.

Watch this video for some valuable skin care tips for your beach vacation. To protect your skin from the sun, make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, and wear hats and sunglasses while outdoors.

If you want help planning the perfect beach vacation on Ocean Isle Beach, NC, contact Williamson Realty Vacations. We can find you the best vacation deals and discount vacation rentals on our beautiful North Carolina beaches. For more information, call us today at (800) 727-9222.

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