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    Ocean Isle Beach Road Trip: FootGolf in Calabash

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Just because you plan a beach vacation does not mean you have to stay at the beach every day. Leave your vacation rental early one morning and take a road trip to Calabash to enjoy the fun, unique sport of FootGolf.

    A Mix Between Soccer and Golf

    Head over to Medowlands Golf Club for your first experience with this interesting game that combines soccer and golf. Each player has to kick a soccer ball from a tee in to a large hole to get a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. You can choose to use a golf cart or just walk the course, but you can only have four players at each hole. Most teams finish 18 holes in about two hours.

    Golf Attire

    Even though FootGolf draws on soccer and golf, players must still wear traditional golf attire as they move through the course. Players should wear collared shirts and golf pants. If you enter a tournament, you will probably be required to wear argyle knee-high socks. You are not allowed to wear golf shoes with spikes or soccer cleats, however, so be sure to wear normal closed-toed shoes when you play.

    A Family Sport

    Since FootGolf combines two sports, it is appealing to a wider range of people than just soccer or golf on its own. This means that it is the perfect family activity to enjoy during your next beach vacation. If you need a day away from the sun and the surf, schedule a road trip to Calabash and try your luck at this fun and creative game.

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    Can't Miss Fall Event: Birding at Bald Head Island

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Beach vacations do not need to be reserved for the summer. Find a vacation rental on Ocean Isle Beach this fall so you can enjoy birding at Bald Head Island. Keep reading to learn more about this festive event:

    You can be a part of this bird-watching event on October 20th, October 27th, and throughout the month of November. Head over to the Bald Head Island Conservancy at 8:30 in the morning and spend the next two hours exploring some of the bird species that inhabit the island. If you love bird watching, this is an experience that you cannot miss.

    When you choose a vacation rental on Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina, you can enjoy bird and turtle watching. The area is perfect for families and offers plenty of activities for everyone. Williamson Realty can help you find a discount vacation rental that meets all of your needs. To learn more about our vacancies, visit us online or call (888) 692-0560.

    How to Pack for a Beach Vacation with a New Baby

    Last updated 1 month ago

    After nine months of pregnancy, you and your family deserve a beach vacation. If you are planning to relax near the water with your new baby, use the following guide to figure out the best way to pack for your trip.

    Invest in an SPF Tent

    It is extremely important to protect your baby from dangerous UV rays that could cause sunburns. Pack plenty of sunscreen that is safe for babies, protective clothing, and an SPF tent. This gives you a place to stay in the shade with the baby to block out these harmful UV rays. The tent can also offer protection from the wind.

    Bring a Stroller that Travels Easily

    Instead of bringing your normal bulky stroller, you should try to find a small one that is easy to fold up. Whether you travel by plane or by car, this smaller stroller makes it much easier to carry your luggage. You can even bring this smaller stroller with you to the beach so the baby has a safe place to nap.

    Pack Plenty of Baby Clothes

    It is always a good idea to pack some extra clothes when you are traveling with a baby. Not only does this give you a way to change after an accident, but extra clothes can also provide protection that keeps the baby safe from the sun. You can pack a lot of clothes without taking up too much space in your luggage.

    Remember a Blanket for the Beach

    Sometimes the most basic items are the easiest to forget. Do not forget to bring a large blanket for the beach so you and your family can comfortably enjoy the shore.

    When the time comes for your first beach vacation after the birth of your child, Williamson Realty can help you find your ideal vacation rental. We make it easy to enjoy an idyllic vacation on Ocean Isle Beach. To learn more about our discount vacation rentals, visit us online or call (888) 692-0560.

    What Kind of Clothes Should You Bring to a Beach Vacation?

    Last updated 1 month ago

    If you are planning a beach vacation where you will lounge around at the beach, you should pack plenty of swimwear. Pair them with cute cover-ups to create stylish and functional looks for your beach vacation.

    White t-shirts and jean shorts are always great options for the beach. Women might want to pack a few maxi dresses that are comfortable and cool. Check out this video for more great tips on how to pack for a beach vacation. 

    Find your next Ocean Isle Beach vacation rental with the help of Williamson Realty. Our agents are here to make it easy for you and your family to find what you need for your next vacation. To learn more about our properties, visit us online or call (910) 579-2373. 

    No-Cost Beach Games for Young Kids

    Last updated 2 months ago

    With a discount vacation rental and no-cost beach games, you can plan a family vacation that does not deplete your budget. Consider playing the following games with your kids at your vacation rental to have fun without spending more money. 

    Fill the Bucket

    Set up a fun race where you have to fill an empty bucket with cups of ocean water. Not only is this fast-paced game a great way for everyone to stay active, but you can play it with as few as two people or as many as you want. Whether you have individuals or teams competing, filling the bucket can keep you all entertained for a long time. You can even start to make the game more difficult by including some obstacles like a sand dune you have to climb before you get to the bucket.

    Build a Sand Village

    Take the traditional sand castle a step further by building a sand village. Put each person in charge of a specific building for your sand village and see how everyone manages to put their own creative touch on their structure. Remember to take pictures once you are done so you can always remember the fun you had at your vacation rental.

    Play Musical Towels

    You do not need chairs to play this fast and fun game. Lay a bunch of towels in a circle and play some music. Once the song stops, everyone has to rush to find a towel of their own. The person left without a towel is out until a new game starts. Increase the stakes by including a fun prize for the winner.

    If you are looking for the perfect place for a family vacation, Williamson Realty can help. Our discount vacation rentals on Ocean Isle Beach give you an easy way to take some time away from real life and enjoy a wonderful vacation with your family. To learn more about our rental options, visit us online or call (910) 579-2373. 

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